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This article assumes that:

  • You have the ability to add new applications in your Okta console.

This article will cover how to set up an Okta Application for Dispel.

How to set up an Okta Application for Dispel

Adding the Application

1. Log in to your Okta console and select Applications from the top menu.

2. Once in the Applications tab, click the "Add Application" button.

3. You will be presented with four options. Select "Native," and then click "Next"

4. In the Name field, enter "DispelApp," or any other name you would like to name your Dispel Application within Okta.

In Login redirect URls, add the following two URls:


In Logout redirect URls, add the following URl:


Keep Group assignments as "Everyone."

In Grant type allowed, make sure only "Authorization Code" is checked.

This is what the whole page should look like:

At the bottom of the page, press "Done."

Ensuring Correct Application Settings

Once you press done, you should see a page that contains "General Settings" and "Client Credentials." Each of these settings requires an additional step.

5. The General Settings section is most likely missing the field "Initiate login URl". To fix this, click "Edit" next to General Settings.

Ensure that the following is entered in the "Initiate login URI" field.


Press Save.

The "LOGIN" section of your General Settings should look like this:

6. The Client Credentials section usually defaults to "Use PKCE," which does not provide a Client secret. Instead, we want to select "Use Client Authentication." To start, click "Edit" next to Client Credentials.

Make sure that "Use Client Authentication" is selected, and press "Save".

The "Client Credentials" section should look like this.

Final Check

Your General Settings and Client Credentials sections should look like this:

Voila! Dispel has now been added as an Application in your Okta Console.

Next step: Add Okta information to the Dispel Console.

If at any point you need assistance, please do not hesitate to email hello@dispel.io, or call us at +1 917-268-4029. We're always happy to help!

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