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How to: Install and Connect with the Dispel VPN Client (macOS)
How to: Install and Connect with the Dispel VPN Client (macOS)

Follow this guide to install and connect with the Dispel VPN Client for macOS

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Your administrator will first need to help you setup a user and add your user to a region and facility to be able to connect (this will be the same user you use in the dashboard). If you are unsure about any of this, please reach out to your administrator.

Additionally, you will need the Mac Remote Desktop Application, which is a free download from the Mac App Store.

Downloading the App

Recommended Method:

You can download the app from the Mac Store. The download process should be the same as any other application.

Alternatively, you can follow the download link on the downloads page of the Dispel Dashboard.

This will bring you to the Mac Store in your browser. Click Open App Store in the pop-up window and you will be taken to the Dispel page on the Mac Store Application, where you can then install the app.

Using the Dispel App

The Dispel app acts the same as any other macOS application. You can open it from the same app store page you downloaded it from, using the Applications sidebar in Finder, or by pressing cmd / alt + spacebar and typing Dispel into Spotlight Search.

Once the app is opened, proceed through the privacy notices

  1. Follow the onscreen prompts to allow the client to install the VPN configuration

  2. Now you can log in using your dashboard user's credentials

  3. If you have MFA enabled you can select your preferred method for authenticating

  4. From this main screen you can access your organization/region in the left-hand column and devices/resources in the central column. To connect to the region simply click Connect with VPN

    Note: If you have a reserved VDI you can only connect to the VPN through the reserved VDI until it is destroyed. If you do not have a VDI reserved and wish to reserve one simply click Connect with desktop .

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