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Add and invite users to your Organization and Enclaves

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Permissions: Only an Owner or Admin of an Organization can invite users to join an Organization. 

This picture of the Organization page (accessed by clicking the currently selected organizations name in the top right corner (in this case Umbrella Corp) should get you 90% of the way there.

Here we are inviting a new user to Dispel. Click the "+ Add New User" button will expose a form where you can input 1 or more emails of users to invite to Dispel. When you click the button an alert above the button will tell you whether the action succeeded or not.

Invite a user to an Enclave

    -   An Owner/Admin of the Organization that owns the Enclave can invite a user to an Enclave.
    - An Admin of the Enclave can invite more users to the Enclave.

Where is the button?

On an Enclave page you can view the resources of the enclave and the users. In the users section (if you fulfill the permissions) you will see a button for inviting new Users.

Perform the invitation

The invitation interface is very similar to inviting someone to an organization. The only difference is that inviting someone who is already in the organization will auto suggest users once you've typed in three or more characters in their email.

What will happen?

A user which is not in the organization which is being invited to an enclave will be added to the organization that owns the enclave as well. Users who are already in the organization or enclave will simply remain.

Dispel tries very hard to write these articles in plain English so that you can understand why and how to use our software. Hopefully you found this article helpful, if you have any questions please reach out through scheduling a phone call, email us, or Intercom us.

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