Tip #1 - Ask the School First: The school you attend in DragonFly will know how the school is listed exactly in DragonFly by name. The school administration can give you the exact spelling and can also give you the official school code to enter when signing up or adding a new school to your profile. This is absolutely the best way to get connected to your correct school.

Tip #2 - Search Specific Keywords: Many states and counties have schools with similar names such as "Central High School". Some of these schools include the city/county name in the school name. If you do not find your school at first, try searching by the city and county names to see if the school is listed that way.

Tip #3 - Special Characters: Some official school names have abbreviations, extra words, periods, hyphens, or forward slashes that may differ from the common way the school is referred to in your area. Be sure to include the special characters in your search or search by one word or the other that is connected with the special character.

ex: Clay-Chalkville instead of Clay Chalkville

Central High School of Tuscaloosa instead of just Central High School

G. W. Carver High School instead of George Washington Carver High School

Tip #4 - Different Ways Schools Are Listed: Some schools spell out the words High School and Middle School while others use the abbreviation HS and MS. In addition, there are other ways schools can be listed

ex: Carver HS instead of Carver High School

"K-8" is some times used instead of "Middle School"

"Preparatory" is used in some school names

"Secondary" instead of "High School"

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