We know it is frustrating when you need to get signed on and you can't remember your user ID or password. Many log in issues can be resolved without the need to contact customer support. Here we have outlined some of the most common issues you might face and tips to help correct them.

Tip #1 - Email vs Password: An account in DragonFly is attached to one unique user ID which is either a mobile number or an email address. DragonFly has traditionally allowed a user to use either a mobile number or email address at sign up.

Since you can add both an email and mobile number to your DragonFly profile, some people assume they can use either to log in. Or they feel the need to use an email address on their computer and a mobile number when logging in from their cell phone.
Is the user ID you are using the same as the one you used to sign up? Try different email addresses and mobile numbers you are associated with as well if you cannot log in with one or the other.

Tip #2 - Family Login Issues: Sometimes mom signed up and registered one child with a one user ID and dad registered another with another user ID. As in the first tip, if you are not seeing one child or another when logged in, it may be this scenario. Try different emails and user IDs when signing in to see if your children are linked to different ones.

Tip #3 - Try Changing Your Password: If you are sure you are using the correct user ID and still cannot get in, try changing your password with a reset code. Be sure to follow our reset password instructions carefully as outlined here.

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