1. Visit DragonFlyMAX.com.

2. Click "Login / Sign-Up" at top of the screen.

3. Click the "Sign Up for Free" button.

4. Complete the Sign-Up form with the following information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address or Mobile Number

  • Create a password

  • Check "I'm not a robot" (You may have to pick some pictures to prove it.)

  • Click "Submit" button

5. Once you click submit, you will be sent a verification code.  This code will arrive in one of two ways:

  • Text Message (if you used a Mobile Number to sign up)

  • Email (if you used an email to sign up)

Enter the verification code when you see the screen below. 

6. After entering your verification code, you have setup your account as a user in DragonFly MAX.  Congratulations!

What's Next?

Your next steps will be to connect with your organization via school code, select your teams, enter your personal information into the DragonFlyMAX platform, and complete any pre-participation forms assigned by your organization.

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