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How do I get my state pass on my computer?
How do I get my state pass on my computer?

The steps below make it easy for you to apply & pay for your electronic pass from your state athletic association on your computer.

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Steps to Get Your Pass

Logging in to the Website

1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser with your username and password. If you do not already have a DragonFly account that is connected to your school or district, click here for instructions on this preliminary step.

2. After logging in, scroll down your Today page where you'll see a section called 'My Cards'. In some cases you will see a card automatically generated with a "Not Yet Submitted" status. Click this card to start the card application.

If you do not see a pass generated on your Today page, click the 'Request a Card' box and you will be prompted to choose a pass and begin the application. (Note: If you do not see 'Request a Card' click the button that says "Show More" in the 'My Cards' section.)

Completing the Pass Application

3. Select the 'Answer a Few Questions' button to fill out the pass application. It may be autofilled with your info if your have previously registered through DragonFly.

4. Select the 'Upload an Image' button to add a photo for your pass. You can take a picture with your phone camera, or upload an existing picture on your camera roll. If you previously provided a picture, it will be autofilled.

Note: Many states require your picture to be a good quality headshot with no sunglasses or hats. Only the cardholder should appear in the picture, unless specifically instructed otherwise.

5. Select the 'Get my Card' button to submit your application to both your school/district and your state association for approval.

If you don't see the 'Get my Card' button, then your card is likely a paid state pass. The next step describes the options for paying for your pass.

Paying for your Pass

Many state associations require users to pay for their state passes. If your state requires a payment, then you will see a few options to select when submitting your pass application.

6a. The "Review and Pay" option lets you select which of your accounts you would like to use to pay for your pass. Select from a previously saved debit/credit card OR enter new card details, then click "Pay Now" and your payment will be processed.

6b. The "Submit to School" option gives schools the ability to pay on your behalf. Many schools will pay with a group payment for their entire staff. If your state pass is set up to allow this type of payment, you can choose this payment option rather than paying directly.

State Pass Approval

7. You will be redirected to your Today page, where you should see a message under your pass that says either 'Submitted to school for approval' or ‘Waiting to be approved by your organization.’ You will also receive a confirmation email.

8. Once your pass has been approved, you will receive an email and your pass will be available in the DragonFly app.

If you have questions about a rejected pass, please contact a school administrator or your state association directly. DragonFly cannot answer questions about rejected passes, as we do not handle this part of the process.

Using Your State Pass

9. Download the DragonFly Mobile app on your phone (Coaches & Staff - iPhone | Android) (Officials - iPhone | Android) and log in with your username and password. Tap on "Cards" in the bottom menu and your digital pass will appear. Tap on the pass to view it in full screen mode.

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