Adding Athletes to the 8 Quarter List

The first step is to get your student-athletes added to the "8 Quarter Football" list. To make this happen, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Schools & People tab, then on the People checklist set filters for "Sports: Football" and "Eligibility: Athlete Eligibility"

  2. Click on the name of the Athlete to view the athlete's profile

  3. Click the button to "Add/Change Sports".

  4. In the window that pops up, click "Lists" and "2022-23", then click the checkbox beside "8 Quarter Football" and "Save"

This adds your student to the list for "8 Quarter Football" and now you can begin completing the necessary forms for those athletes.

"What if I don't have athlete's in my list?"

For schools that are not using the DragonFly platform for managing student eligibility, you may need to manually add athlete's to your team list. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Schools & People" tab. From the "People" checklist, set filters for "Sports: 8 Quarter Football" and "Eligibility: 8 Quarter Eligibility"

2. In the filter bar, click "Create Athlete"

3. Enter the first and last name for your athlete, then click "Continue"

4. Next, add your athlete to a team by clicking the green arrow next to the "8 Quarter" option in the list on the current academic year. Finally, click "Approve"

Your athlete should now be on the list for "8 Quarter Football". Now you are ready to begin completing the necessary 8 Quarter Form.

Completing the 8 Quarter Form

Once athletes are on the "8 Quarter Football" list, you will want to begin completing the report form for each student on your list. You will complete the form by clicking on the checkbox item for each week. The report forms will become available on the preceding Saturday of the week and remain available for submission through the following Saturday.

Here are the steps to submit this report form each week:

1. Click on the "Schools & People" tab. From the "People" checklist, set filters for "Sports: 8 Quarter Football" and "Eligibility: 8 Quarter Eligibility"

2. In the checklist, click the checkbox for the column that shows "Week 1" in the row for your selected athlete. This will open the overlay to view completed forms for that week. It will be empty when you first click the box.

3. Click the blue button that says "Fill Out, Upload, or Select a Document".

4. Click "Fill Out Electronically". Next, complete each section of the form.

5. Once you have completed all sections (including uploading the supporting documentation), then click "Sign & Complete" to finish the form.

Reviewing Your 8 Quarter Data

Data entered for the number of Varsity quarters played each week will be included on the checklist once the form is completed for that athlete. If no Varsity quarters were played, then the checklist will show a zero. You should complete the form for each athlete every week, whether or not the athlete participated in both Varsity and JV contests.

If you need to go back and review the completed form, you can click the same checkbox (which should now be checked) to open the overlay and view the completed form.

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