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How to set up Stripe integration for processing payments inside of DripJobs
How to set up Stripe integration for processing payments inside of DripJobs
In this article, we'll go step-by-step to get Stripe integrated with your DripJobs account
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The DripJobs Stripe integration allows you to easily accept credit card payments on your proposals and invoices!

Let's get set up:

Step 1:

Visit and create a free account

1. In your Stripe Account, click on Developers

Click on Developers

2. Click on API keys

3. On the right-side of the screen, click on Create secret key

Click on Create secret key

4. Type the name "DripJobs"

Type "DripJobs"

5. Click on Create

Click on Create

6. Input your password

Paste input

11. Click on Continue

Click on Continue

12. Important, DO NOT close this screen until you've copied this key and pasted it into your DripJobs account.

Click on dialog

13. Go to Company Settings - Payments - Stripe. Copy the "Secret Key" into the "Stripe Secret Key" box

13. Go to Stripe and Copy the Publishable Key. Paste it in the "Publishable Key" input box in DripJobs.

Click on pk_live_vKHMVXfWK9p3Obj0MqIpvXyC

14. Check that you have both a Publishable Key and a Secret Key saved in your DripJobs account. Hit "Save".

Important: Stripe charges a 2.9% convenience fee to process credit card payments, inside of DripJobs, under "Convenience Fee" in Company Settings, you can charge 2.9% on every invoice. This will show up as "Credit Card Processing Fee".

When you go to invoice a customer, you can hit the "Request Payment" button inside of the invoice:

Once you click that, you'll see a Request Screen pop-up. From here, you can toggle the Credit Card Processing Fee "On" or "Off":

When a payment is requested, and the fee is enabled, the customer will see it on the invoice listed as "Credit Card Processing Fee" and it will automatically add to the total amount due:

When the customer presses the "Pay Now" button, they will be re-directed to a secure Stripe Checkout page and will be able to make a Credit Card Payment:

And that's it! You are now able to accept payments through DripJobs by way of Stripe. Remember, Stripe is your payment processor, they are ultimately responsible to handle all disputes, and/or chargebacks. If you need to issue a refund or check the status of a payment, you will do all of this through your Stripe dashboard.

For support, or help with setup, please submit a support ticket or email

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