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How to Send Pictures with a Work Order
How to Send Pictures with a Work Order
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Any pictures that you upload to the proposal will be on the work order.

You can also add Crew Notes - add the Job Start Date, Gate Code, when materials arrive, and extra motivation and instructions for your crew.

Click on Work Orders on the left. If you're on your phone, use the suitcase icon above the crooked arrow.

  1. Click the customer name to view the work order - this will open in a new tab.

  2. Click on View Proposal to make changes to pictures or Crew Notes.

  3. Click Share to get three options:

    1. Send via Email

    2. Send via Text

    3. Copy Link

The work order has all the contact information, the crew notes, job address, and we show quantities instead of a price.

The uploaded pictures are at the bottom of the Work Order.

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