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Creating and Accepting a Change Order in DripJobs
How to Use and Embed Media in Custom Sections
How to Add a Product or Service
How to Handle Repeat Customers
How to Add a PDF from Google Drive to your Proposal
How to Send Pictures with a Work Order
How To Change a Job Address In DripJobs
Creating a Manual Invoice & Accepting Deposit Payments
Creating Payment Schedules for Proposals
How to Create and Send Work Orders
What To Do if a Proposal is Signed But Not Accepted
How To Invoice for Progress Payments
Creating and Managing Custom Section Templates
Customizing Proposal & Invoice PDFs
How to Duplicate a Proposal
Manually Adding a Line Item to an Existing Invoice
How to Accept Deposits for Offline Payments
Logging Payments Made Using Offline Methods
How to Configure Payment Settings in a Proposal
How to Configure Payment Settings in an Invoice
Configuring Processing Fees for Payment Requests
How to Check the Status of an ACH Payment
How to Add Attachments & Pictures to a Proposal
Adding Optional Items to Proposals
Applying Discounts and Late Fees
Manual ACH Verification Process via Stripe
How to Add a YouTube Video to a Proposal
Marking Proposals as Rejected
Downloading PDF Versions of Proposals & Invoices
Building Proposals for Clients with Multiple Addresses
Archiving v. Rejecting a Proposal
How to Turn On/Off Quantity & Price Per Line Item
How to have Multiple Terms & Conditions
Adding Categories to Products and Services
How to Generate an Invoice
Offering Good, Better, and Best Options on a Proposal
How To Create a Proposal Template
Changing Your Company Address
Editing/Removing Line Items on Proposals
Customer View of Invoice
Customer View of Proposal
Overview of Customer Portal
Viewing the Activity Log in a Proposal
Invoices List
Work Order Overview
Change Orders List Overview
Proposals List
Work Orders List
How to Manually Generate an Invoice
Adding and Managing Notes in a Proposal
Adding an Attachment to an Invoice
Adding Multiple Items To a Proposal
Adding Social Media Links to Your Proposals
Editing Offline Payments Instructions
How to Translate a Work Order to Spanish
Proposals That Are Signed, But Not Accepted
Setting a Default Deposit Using Proposal Templates
Changing the Invoice Date and Due Date on an Invoice
How to Create a Proposal for a Customer that is not in the Sales Pipeline
Adding and Editing Attached Photos on a Proposal
How to Extend the Description Area in a Proposal
Adding a Refund Line Item to an Invoice
How to "Remove" an Item From an Accepted Proposal Using the New Change Order Option
Changing the Proposal Display Name
Error When Sending a Proposal via Email
How to Print a Work Order
How to Manually Move a Job To The Jobs Pipeline
Hiding the Top Proposal Total
How to Download a Proposal to Print
Assigning Crews to Jobs
How to Re-open an Archived Deal
How to add Internal Notes to Proposals
Voiding & Deleting Invoices
Adding and Editing Attached Photos on a Proposal
How to Add an Existing Project to Dripjobs
Adding a New Lead Into DripJobs Manually
Editing Products/Services
Viewing the Sales Pipeline in List Form
How to Manually Create an Invoice via the Proposal
Bulk Archive Jobs
How to send an Invoice for the Final Balance
How to Create Multiple Proposals for the One Client
Jobs List
Notifying Your Customer that Their Job is Scheduled
Rescheduling A Job or an Appointment
Changing the Business Address on Proposals and Invoices
How to Waive or Disable Convenience Fees
Adding a Tip to an Invoice
Adding Tip option to the Invoice
Attaching Multiple Proposals to a Singular Client's Deal Card
How to Create a Deal Card with a Different Proposal for an existing Customer