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Create Invoices Manually

This tutorial shows you how to create invoices as you need them, and how to turn on the Send Overdue Invoice Notifications feature.

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About This Tutorial

There are two ways that invoices can be created:

  • You manually create an invoice at the time you need it.

  • You have Duet create the invoices for you on a repeating schedule. Otherwise known as Automated Invoicing.

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a manual invoice and how to email the invoice to students/parents.

Create a Manual Invoice

Here is how you create a manual invoice for one of your students.

  1. Go to Billing > Invoicing

  2. Click on the Create Invoice(s) button.

    This will take you into the Create Invoices page.

  3. The first thing you want to do is choose which dates you want the invoice to cover. You do that in the Invoice For drop down box.

  4. Click in the Invoice For drop down box to see your options.

    You have four options:
    Current Month - will show charges, fees, and refunds for the current month. So if it is October, then the invoice will cover all of October.

    Next Month - will show charges, fees, and refunds for the following month. So, if the current month is October, then the invoice will cover all of November.

    Last Month - will show charges, frees, and refunds for the previous month. So, if the current month is October, then the invoice will cover all of September.

    Custom - This allows you to choose the date range of your choice. The invoice will show charges, fees, and refunds for the date range that you choose. The date range can be a single day or it can be for an entire year, for example.

    In this example, we will choose Current Month.

  5. Next, you tell Duet the invoice payment's due date. This lets Duet know when it should send out overdue invoice notifications.

    Note: For overdue invoice notifications to be sent, you need to turn this feature on. See the following tutorial for how to do so: Send Overdue Invoice Notifications.

    Click in the Payment Due Date box to select how many days after the invoice is created that Duet should send out the overdue invoice notification. In this example, we will select 14 days.

  6. Click in the Select Families drop down box to choose which student/parent will be receiving this invoice. In this example, we will choose Tchaikovsky.

  7. If you wish to leave a message in the invoice you can. Type in whatever you wish in the Invoice Message box.

  8. Click in the Email invoice to the selected families box to check it. This will email the invoice to the selected family. In this example, Tchaikovsky.

  9. Before creating the invoice, let's preview it. Click on the Preview button.

    This will show you a preview of the invoice. Note: Tchaikovsky hasn't paid me in months. So, this invoice includes everything that he owes over the past few months. But, only shows line items for the current month.

  10. If you are happy with your invoice, go back to the Create Invoices page and click on the Generate Invoice Now button.

    This will create the invoice. And will also email the invoice, since you choose that option.

Where Manual Invoices Show Up in Your Duet Studio

When you create an invoice, Duet automatically lists the invoice in your Invoice History page. To see sent invoices, click on Invoicing.

  1. Go to Billing > Invoicing

    This will take you to your Invoice History page. In here, you will find all of the manual invoices that you have created and any automated invoices that Duet creates for you.

  2. Find the invoice you are looking for and click on it to see the invoice.

    A preview of the invoice will open.

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