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Automated Payments: Setup and Create
Automated Payments: Setup and Create

See how to setup and create automated payments. This allows the student's/parent's credit card to be automatically charged on a schedule.

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About This Tutorial

Automated payments means that your students/parents credit card will get automatically charged on a regular basis.

For automated payments to work:

  • The teacher needs to setup online payments with Stripe.

  • The student/parent needs to log into their Duet account and enter in their credit card number in their settings.

  • The teacher needs to create an automated invoice with the automated payments option selected.

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup and create automated payments.

Step 1: Teacher Sets Up Online Payments for Stripe

The first thing that needs to get done is the teacher needs to go into their Duet studio and setup online payments with Stripe.

If you don't already have Stripe setup, in your Duet studio, see this tutorial: Set Up Stripe to Take Online Payments

Step 2: Student/Parent Enters in Their Credit Card Information

Once the teacher has Stripe setup in their Duet studio, the student/parent can then go into their Duet account and enter in their credit card information.

  1. Student/Parent logs into their Duet account here.

  2. Student/Parent clicks on their name > Settings.

    They will be taken into their Student page.

  3. Click on the Billing tab.

    Note: if the teacher does not have Stripe setup, the student/parent will not be able to enter in their credit card. Instead, the student/parent will see this message in their Billing tab:

    Happily, in this tutorial, the teacher does have Stripe setup.

  4. The student/parent enters in the credit card that they want automated payments to have access to.

  5. Click on the Save button.

    The credit card information is now saved.

    Note: Duet does not save credit card information on any of our servers. Instead, the card is saved on Stripe's secure servers. The student's/parent's credit card is saved under Duet's Stripe account, and because of this the student/parent does not need to open a Stripe account for automated payments to take place.

Step 3: Teacher Creates Automated Invoice With Auto Payments Selected

Automated payments only work if they are turned on inside of an automated invoice. In other words, automated payments can only work along side automated invoices.

  1. Go to Billing > Invoicing

  2. Click on the Create Invoice(s) button.

    This will take you into the Create Invoices page.

  3. Click in the Invoice For drop down box and select Custom.

  4. Next, you want to decide when you want this auto invoice to start.

    In this example, I do want auto invoicing to start on the date shown below.

    However, if you want to change the start date, click on the Calendar icon and choose a new date.

  5. Next, you tell Duet the invoice payment's due date. This lets Duet know when it should send out overdue invoice notifications.

    Note: For overdue invoice notifications to be sent, you need to turn this feature on. See the following tutorial for how to do so: Send Overdue Invoice Notifications.

    Click in the Payment Due Date box to select how many days after the invoice is created that Duet should send out the overdue invoice notification. In this example, we will select 14 days.

  6. Scroll down a bit to the Select Families drop down box.

  7. Click in the Select Families box and select who you are making this automated invoice for. In this example, we are making it for John Williams.

  8. Scroll down some more to the Email Invoice section. Click in the Email invoice to the selected families box to check it.

  9. Scroll down to the Recurring Invoices section.

  10. Click in the Schedule this invoice box to check it. More options will appear.

  11. In the Invoice Schedule Name box, give your automated invoice a name. In this example, we will name it "Auto Invoice for John Williams."

  12. Next, you will want to choose how often you want Duet to create the invoice for you. You do this in the Generate invoices every section.

    You can either have the invoices sent on a monthly or weekly schedule. Let's take a look at a couple of examples so you can see how this works.

    Example #1: If you want Duet to create the invoice once a month, you choose 1 for the first box and Months for the second box.

    Example #2: If you want Duet to create the invoice every two weeks, you choose 2 for the first box and Weeks for the second box.

    Since John is assigned the Weekly rate package, I want Duet to create invoices on a weekly basis. Click in the first box and choose 1.

    Click in the second box and choose Week(s).

    The end results is that Duet will create an invoice, for John Williams, once a week.

  13. Scroll down a bit to the Schedule Status section. Make sure that the Active box is check marked. It is checked by default.

  14. To turn automated payments on, click in the Use Subscription For Payment box to check it.

  15. Click on the Schedule Invoices button to save.

    When saving is complete you will be taken to the Scheduled Invoices page, where you will see a list of all the scheduled invoices you have created. The one that you just created for John is at the bottom of the list.

    When Duet creates the invoice, it will trigger Stripe to charge the student's/parent's credit card. The amount charged will be whatever the Invoice says is owed at that time.

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