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POS Team Management
Updated over a week ago

EasyBiz POS sign-in is permanent (don't know how to sign in your POS? Read this article), meaning you only need to sign-in once at your POS device, then later even after you restart the POS App or restart your device, next time you reopen the POS app, it will automatically be signed-in and ready to be use by anyone. This works great for small team, but what if you have more than one counter staff and you want to track who is on duty, like actions done by which teammates, or want to track working hours, well this article is for you.

This article will help to give your each team member their own special passcode to log in to the POS system. This way, you can keep your POS safe and make sure only the right people you trust can use it.

Adding a Team Member

1. Log into your console and navigate to “Store”-> “POS settings” -> “Team management”-> "+ Add teammate"

2. Fill in details.

  • Name: Enter name of team member

  • Passcode (optional): Enter a 4-digit passcode manually. Leave it blank for the system to auto generate it for the member.

Once set, the added team member with details can be seen in a list.

Enable Team Member to sign-in using their passcode

Once you have set all your team members with passcodes, you can now enable the team management function over your POS, once enabled, your POS will ask the user to key in their PASSCODE before they can use your POS.

Key in the passcode in your POS.

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