What happens sometimes is that the internal network is blocking the technology we use (web sockets), and that's why the boards may not display.

In some cases, the application may have trouble establishing the connection with our server due to network issues on your side. Please note that our app requires WebSocket connections.

To test if your network connection supports Websockets, please run the test on these websites: Website 1, Website 2, Website 3.

We also suggest trying a couple of things:

1. Try to use another network (not the corporate network). You can try to open EasyRetro in your home, in another internet network from your work, on your cellphone, or using the internet from a coffee shop nearby, etc.

2. Ask for your internal network team to check if web sockets are being blocked by an internal firewall. One thing that can help is to ask for the domains to be whitelisted:


3. You can wait a little bit. Most of the time this happens and after a while, people are able to see the boards again. We believe the internal network unblocks WebSockets after some time.

4. Another thing to try is to clear your browser cache and cookies. After that, login again on EasyRetro.

5. You can also try to use other browsers to see if you can access the boards again.

6. Acces EasyRetro from another device like your cellphone or tablet.

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