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How to configure (Google Workspace) SSO on EasyRetro
How to change the email of my account?
How to add GIFs to your board?
How to configure (PingOne) SSO on EasyRetro
How to assign and unassign Organization Admins?
EasyRetro's Board Settings Explained
How to integrate with Jira?
How to integrate with Trello?
How to integrate with Slack
How to enable reactions on cards?
I can't create a new public board. In my dashboard, it says that I still have public boards left.
The owner of our account has left the company. How can I change the owner of my company’s subscription?
How can I download my invoice/receipt in PDF?
Can I pay via an invoice?
How to get a VAT refund?
How to configure (OneLogin) SSO on EasyRetro
How to configure (Okta) SSO on EasyRetro
How to configure (Azure) SSO on EasyRetro
How to delete a Team?
How to Enable Slack Integration?
How to remove someone from my team?
I set up SSO in my account now what to do next?
How to enable EasyRetro’s Dark Mode?
How to add/remove a password to my board?
Does EasyRetro work with Resellers?
How to set a timer on my board?
How to transfer my team to another account?
How to delegate payment details and billing to another user?
What payment methods we accept?
How can I allow anyone to edit my cards and columns?
How to recover my board?
EasyRetro Security / Terms of Service / Privacy Policy / Data Processing Agreement
How to create a board with a Matrix Template?
Where can I find a Demo Video to learn how to use EasyRetro?
How can I see votes or hide votes in my survey?
How to enable anonymous users to add their names?
How to find my archived boards?
How to change the number of votes?
How to stop users from adding and editing cards?
How to add a new column to your board?
Why I can’t move my cards?
How to cancel my free trial?
How many Team Admins I can add to my team?
How to export my board?
Who can edit and add columns on my board?
How to stop users from moving the cards?
How to upgrade my plan while in the free trial?
How to clone a board?
How can I change the language on EasyRetro?
Is it possible to hide the results from a survey?
Can I have multiple Owners and Logins per account/subscription?
How to move a team board to another team?
How many Surveys can I create?
When do I lose my public boards?
Why I can’t sort my cards by vote?
How to see the card's author name? How to see who commented on my card?
How to delete a survey?
How can I show and hide all the comments on my cards at once?
How to update my payment details?
How to transfer the Ownership of my Team? How do I change the Owner of my team?
How to change my board’s name? How to rename my board?
I can’t verify my account, the verification link it's not working. I didn’t receive the verification link through email.
How to turn your cards into action items?
How to merge and unmerge the cards on your board?
How to add a survey/poll to my board?
How can I access my invoices?
Why I can't see my boards on the dashboard page?
How to remove yourself from a team?
What benefits do I get when purchasing a subscription on EasyRetro?
How to switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan?
How to transfer my subscription?
How the free version of EasyRetro works?
How to delete my account? How to delete my data?
How to delete an archived board?
How to open the browser console in multiple browsers?
How to add your VAT number when purchasing your subscription?
How to move a public board to a team board?
How to move a team board to a public board?
How to configure EasyRetro for multiple teams?
How to delete a column?
How to add address and VAT number to your invoices?
How to turn a public board into a private board?
Do all participants need to have an account?
Who can export a board?
How to cancel my subscription? How to unsubscribe on EasyRetro?
How to integrate with Confluence?
Does EasyRetro support SSO integration?
What does the analytics page contain?
How to reset my password?
How to hide your cards and your comments?
How to delete a board?
How to export your data?
How do I sort the cards?
How long is a board accessible for?
What is a team?
How to copy a board to a new one?
Which is the difference between a public board and a team board?
What to do when you can't access EasyRetro boards? The page keeps loading.
How to delete cards from a board?
How to create and invite people to your team?
How to run a sprint retrospective?
Do I need to pay a subscription for all my team members?
What is the difference between the free and paid version?
EasyRetro user roles explained
How to share a board with other people?
How to archive and unarchive a board?
What’s a public board and how to create one?
How to assign and unassign Team Admins?
How many simultaneous people can use EasyRetro? Is there a limit on the number of people who can collaborate/participate on EasyRetro?
How to export a list of team members of my organization?
How to disable the creation of public boards in my organization?
How can I add an image to my board?
Does EasyRetro fill out Vendor Assessment / Security Questionnaires and Vendor Risk Assessments?
Does EasyRetro Support SCIM?
Does EasyRetro have specific pricing for nonprofit/academic institutions?
How do I add a background image to my board?
How do I participate/contribute on a board as an anonymous user?
How can I renew my subscription?
Why are some cards blurred?
Does EasyRetro support "on-premise" installation?
Does EasyRetro provide Icebreaker activities?
Can I use emoji on EasyRetro?
Does EasyRetro have a VPAT compliance report? Is EasyRetro accessible?
How can I use Kudos on EasyRetro?
Does EasyRetro have encryption?
Does EasyRetro have a SOC2 certificate?
How can I get a sales quote?
After sending an invitation via email, I see my team member as pending. What does that mean?
How can I use Burndown Chart on EasyRetro?
How to Register on EasyRetro?
Can I Play Bingo on EasyRetro?
How do I upgrade my subscription on EasyRetro?
What is EasyRetro's Version and where can I find EasyRetro's Roadmap?
Does EasyRetro's Jira and Confluence Integration Work on On-Premise Atlassian Servers?
EasyRetro Headquarters: Where Are We Located?
How do I make sure my contributions to EasyRetro's board are anonymous?
How to retrieve / restore deleted cards?
How removing Team Members affects your Boards