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How to integrate with Confluence?
How to integrate with Confluence?
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At the moment, you can only make Confluence integration if you're using the premium version of EasyRetro. If you haven't purchased any of our plans, click here to check our Pricing Page.

We support a simple Confluence integration, so you can easily export your boards to a Confluence page.

Note: You'll only be able to make this process if you have the Owner's account. Also, our Integration is with Confluence Cloud only.

There are four simple steps to get your account connected to Confluence:

Step 1. Connecting to Confluence

First, you need to connect your Confluence account to EasyRetro. To do this go to the Integrations page ( and look for the "Connect your account" button:

Step 2. Accept EasyRetro app on Confluence

Now you need to grant access to our app, so we'll be able to read your space list and create your board page. You can do this by choosing your Confluence site on the list, and then clicking on the "Accept" button.
​Note: We don't keep or have access to any sensitive data from your Confluence account, we can just read your space list and create pages into them.

Step 3. Exporting your Board

On the previous step, you had been redirected to our Integration page, where you saw the following message "Confluence successfully installed". In case you weren't able to complete this procedure try to repeat the process or contact us!
Now go to your board, click on the clockwork icon (settings) and choose the option "Export board".

After that, click on "Confluence".

Step 4. Selecting the destination space

Now you can select one of the available Confluence spaces and after that, click on the "Export" button to export your board to confluence.

And that's it! Your request will be processed and you will see the following message:

We also provide a link button, so you can easily access your new page!

After exporting your board, here is how your board's information will look inside of Confluence.

You can also grant integration access to your teammates. In order to do that, go to your Integration Page ( ).

In there, you'll see a button called "Grant Access" on each one of your Teams. To allow your team members to export the team boards to Confluence, you just have to click on this button.

Note: You can revoke this access at any time by clicking on the "Revoke Access" button.

Here's a tutorial in video format showing how to make Confluence Integration.

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