You have 3 options if you want to transfer your subscription to another account.

First option: If you have access to the account you want to transfer go to “Your account” page.

After that click on “Change email”

Now you’ll need to inform your new email and your current password.

Select the option “I am sure I want to change the email on my account”.

Now click on the “Confirm” button.

After this procedure, you’re going to receive an email to confirm the change.

Note: This option is only going to work if the new email you informed doesn't have an account on EasyRetro.

Second option: If the person that you’re trying to transfer your subscription has already created an account on EasyRetro you can try this second option.

Go to "Your account" and click on the "Transfer Subscription" button.

After clicking on "Transfer Subscription" you’re going to see a message saying:

“Are you sure you want to transfer your subscription?

If you agree, confirm the transfer by selecting the option “I am sure I want to transfer my subscription.

This cannot be reverted. After transferring your subscription you're not going to lose your account.

To conclude now click on the button “Transfer”

Note: This option is not available for all EasyRetro accounts.

Third option: If you don’t have access to the account you want to transfer or if you can’t see the "transfer subscription" button, you need to send us a message informing the email of the main account and the email of the new main account.

This procedure usually takes 1 or 2 working days to complete and we’ll let you know by email once it's done.

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