For security purposes, after you complete your registration on EasyRetro we’re going to send you a link through email to verify your account. After this verification, you’ll be able to use our platform.

In case you didn’t receive the verification through email or if the verification link is not working, here’s what you can do:

If you didn’t receive the link, you can request a new link. To request a new link, go to your dashboard page ( ) in there you’ll find a button called “Send verification link to email”.

By clicking on this button, we’re going to send you another link for you to verify your account.

Note: Sometimes our email can get to your spam box, make sure to check your spam box.

If you have received the link but it’s not working. We recommend deleting all the emails you have received about the verification. Wait a few minutes and then request a new verification one more time.

We also recommend closing all windows and tabs you have opened from EasyRetro. When you receive the new link click on it, just one time.

If you didn’t receive the email or if the link is not working (even after trying the procedure above). Please contact our Customer Support, they can send a request to our Tech Department to verify your account manually.

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