If you are a Host and you are living outside Stripe zone*, you will have to fill your bank details on the Account settings like explained here.

All the hosts living outside Stripe zone* will be paid through Transferwise, an online money transfer service that allows us to send money at the real exchange rate. 

With TransferWise, we can send money to the following currencies:

AED - Emirati Dirham - Within the UAE
ARS - Argentine Peso - Within Argentina
BDT - Bangladeshi Taka - Within Bangladesh
CLP - Chilean Peso - Within Chile
CNY - Chinese Yuan - Within China, from a limited list of countries (see here for the full list)
COP - Colombian Peso - Within Colombia - Transfers to Colombia are closed to new customers for the time being.
EGP - Egyptian Pound - Within Egypt
GEL - Georgian Lari - Within Georgia
GHS - Ghanaian Cedi - Within Ghana
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah - Within Indonesia
ILS - Israeli Shekels - Within Israel
INR - Indian Rupee - TransferWise sends out INR via RTGS, NEFT, TPT (as appropriate) to INR-denominated accounts in India.
KES - Kenyan Shillings - Within Kenya
KRW - South Korean Won - Within South Korea - Transfers to Korea are closed to new customers for the time being. This is due to a change in Transferwise partner's operational requirements.                                                                                                      LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee - Within Sri Lanka
MAD - Moroccan Dirham - Within Morocco
MXN - Mexican Peso - Within Mexico
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit - Within Malaysia
NGN - Nigerian Naira - Within Nigeria
NPR - Nepalese Rupee - Within Nepal
PEN - Peruvian Sol - Within Peru
PHP - Philippine Peso  - Within Philippines
PKR - Pakistani Rupee  - TransferWise can send payments to private recipients within Pakistan. Currently we are unable to send business payments to PKR.
RUB - Russian Ruble - Within Russia (except Sevastopol and Crimea due to EU sanctions)
THB - Thai Baht - Within Thailand
UAH - Ukranian Hryvna - Within Ukraine
VND - Vietnamese Dong - Within Vietnam
TransferWise can send out these currencies only via SWIFT

ZAR - South African Rand - TransferWise sends out ZAR via SWIFT international payment (We cannot currently receive ZAR).

*Stripe zone: *To check if your Country is in the Stripe zone please click here.

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