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Social Media Content Guidelines for Hosts
Social Media Content Guidelines for Hosts

Your guide to creating eye-catching content to promote yourself and get more bookings!

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Eatwith content needs to catch the eye of our audience and stop them in their tracks when they’re scrolling through social media. Think beautiful food, bright colours and an interesting story.

There are many opportunities to capture this content at your Eatwith experience. A good place to start is to try and capture each of these three categories:

  • final dishes

  • food being prepared

  • atmosphere

General hints and tips:

  • Well lit - should be shot with good light (near a window if necessary - natural light is usually best)

  • Pay attention to framing; make sure the focus of the photo/video is clear and central

  • Minimal distractions; pay attention to any used packets or mess in the background

Photo requirements:

  • Capture portrait 1080x1350

  • Shot on iPhone ideally

Video requirements:

  • Shot portrait 1080x1920

  • Shot on iPhone ideally

  • Videos will be <15 seconds

  • Keep a steady camera - don’t shake the phone

Best Practice Examples

See what other eatwith hosts are doing.



Food focused:

Bright, colourful, tasty...

People focused:

Energetic, fun, activity focused...

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