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How can I utilize Affiliate Links on Eatwith as a Travel Agent?
How can I utilize Affiliate Links on Eatwith as a Travel Agent?

Learn how to earn commissions with Eatwith affiliate links. This article outlines the step-by-step process of sending them to your clients.

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Understanding Affiliate Links and their Benefits:

Affiliate links are personalized URLs provided to you as a partner by Eatwith. When your clients use these links to book dining experiences on the platform, you earn commissions for each successful booking. These links not only allow you to earn a commission but also provide your clients with exclusive access to curated dining experiences, making their travel moments even more special.

Join the Eatwith Travel Agent Program:

Before you can start sending affiliate links to your clients, you need to become a travel agent partner with Eatwith. Visit the Eatwith website How do I create an account as a travel agent? and follow the registration process to become a part of the program and gain access to your unique affiliate links.

Welcome to your travel agent account. To create your affiliate link, please note that city-wide sharing is not available. However, you can still share events individually in two ways:

  • 1. Click the share arrow located at the top right corner of the event page.

  • 2. Alternatively, you can use the "click here to share with your friends" option to share the event details with others. Happy promoting!

We advise you to watch this short video for more information:

Integrate Affiliate Links into Your Communication:

Now that you have your personalized affiliate links, you can incorporate them into your communication with your clients. Whether you're sending emails, newsletters, or simply engaging with them through social media, include the affiliate links when mentioning curated dining experiences or recommending special places to dine.

Share Curated Experiences and Offers:

Take advantage of Eatwith's diverse dining experiences and offers to provide tailored recommendations to your clients. Use your affiliate links to direct them to unique events, intimate dinners, or exclusive cooking classes that align with their preferences and interests. For any further assistance contact

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