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How do I send links to my clients as a Travel Agent?
How do I send links to my clients as a Travel Agent?

A guide on how to seamlessly send event links to your clients on Eatwith, ensuring they embark on unforgettable gastronomic adventures.

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Access your Eatwith account by logging in. Once inside, navigate to the "Experiences" section, where you can explore a wide array of culinary experiences. Use filters to narrow down the choices based on destination, cuisine, date, and any specific requirements your clients may have.

Click on an experience that you believe will resonate with your client's tastes and interests. Review all the relevant details, including the event date, time, location, menu offerings, pricing, and any special requirements. Ensure the event aligns perfectly with your client's preferences.

Once you've reviewed all the experience details, feel free to book it for your client via your travel agent account, or let them book the event by sending them your affiliate event link. By doing so, you will earn a commission on your client’s confirmed bookings.

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