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Can kids participate in the experiences?
Can kids participate in the experiences?
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Eatwith values inclusivity, ensuring that our experiences are open to all age groups. This article highlights our efforts to create enjoyable culinary adventures for kids and families alike.

  1. Kid-Centric Experiences: Certain cities offer tailored experiences designed specifically for children. These events provide engaging and safe opportunities for kids to explore diverse cuisines and cultivate an early appreciation for food.

  2. Family-Friendly Choices: Many of our events are family-friendly, even if not explicitly geared toward children. Using our filters, families can find experiences that cater to different generations, striking a balance between culinary exploration and shared enjoyment. Check the article 'How do I use the filters and the map to find an experience?' to get to know how to apply filters.

  3. Age Considerations: We generally recommend our events for those over 13 years old, considering the complexity of flavors and discussions. This ensures a satisfying experience for participants at various stages of development.

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