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Get deeper insight about how your vote turned out.

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You can use the reports tab to, at the very least, determine the basic results of your votes and elections.

However, there are additional analytics and reports worth paying attention to. This article will teach you how to leverage the most important ones.

Downloading a PDF of Your Results

  • In your ballot’s Reports Tab, click Download to get a PDF of your results to easily share with others how the vote turned out. This report also access is also accessible via your dashboard by clicking on the bar graph next to a completed ballot.

Additional Vote Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

  • Within the reports tab you will see three other tabs: Statistics, Voter Activity, and Results. Have a look at each to gain a deeper understanding of your voting results.


The Statistics sub-tab lets you view:

  • Overall voter turnout on your ballot

  • Activity by date

  • Activity by time

  • A daily voter activity report

This will help you answer important statistical questions, like:

  • How many people have voted? How many votes are you still waiting on?

  • What day was most popular for voting?

  • What times were their votes cast?

Voter Activity

The Voter Activity sub-tab allows you to drill down into each of your voter’s activity, one by one.

For each person, you can see if they have:

  • Voted on the ballot

  • Viewed the ballot, but didn’t vote

  • Neither viewed, nor voted on the ballot

This will help you make judgements about what to do next in order to increase the amount of engagement and participation.

For example, you could:

  • Send a follow up email to everyone who hasn’t voted yet and encourage them to do so before your vote ends.

  • Reach out to the folks that viewed the ballot, but didn’t vote and ask why they didn’t choose to do vote.

  • Send a nice thank you message to those who did vote.

The Voter Activity tab also houses a detailed Voter Activity Report that shows all of the changes made to the ballot after it was activated.


These are the results of your ballot.

The availability of your results will depend on the settings within this tab.

If you want your results available in real-time, choose (from the Settings tab) the same time for Ballot Opens date and the Date When Results Are Available. Otherwise, select a date when you’d like to have access to them.

Raw Votes Report

The Raw Votes Report shows you the choices that each candidate made. It will also tell you the date and time they voted.

This information isn’t available for votes that you’ve set as anonymous.

Comprehensive Raw Votes Report

Useful for understanding weighted votes, the Comprehensive Raw Votes Report includes the assigned weight for each voter (if weights are applied), in addition to all of the data included in the basic Raw Votes Report.

This is available with our Premium plan.

Write-in Report

Write-in Reports give you a breakdown of all of the write-in choices on that ballot. 

Please note that if you do not require responses your ballot, a voter will be able to submit a blank ballot. In that case, the number of voters on the ballot can differ from what the results show.

Next Steps

  • The Guide to Master Ballot Settings will show you important master ballot settings that enable you to duplicate ballots, confirm correct setup, test your ballot before you make it go live, and publish your vote for all of your voters to see.

  • The Guide to Ballot Setup showcases the critical elements you need to pay attention to when setting up your ballot.

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