How to Delete Voters

How to delete voters who have not voted yet

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Voters can be deleted from the primary voter list only if they have never voted in an election. A voter who has voted in an election cannot be deleted from the account.

  • Only voters with the trash icon can be deleted.

  • Voters without the trash icon can’t be deleted

  • Voters can only be deleted individually. Mass deletion of voters is not possible

Voters can also be deleted after being imported to the ballot.

  • Mass deletion of voters from the ballot is possible under certain circumstances.

  • To remove the entire voter list from the ballot, click on Voters > Delete All

To selectively delete voters, check mark the boxes on the left of each voter and click on Delete Selected Voters

  • Deleting voters from the ballot does not remove the voters from the primary voter list.

  • Click here for guidance on adding voters to an active ballot.

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