We do not allow some items to be stored using ecbo cloak. Here is the list of prohibited Items listed under our terms of service/user agreement. Please note that luggage insurance will not be applied to your luggage if you have these prohibited items. 

1. Valuables (including but not limited to: cash, stock, bank notes, stamps, paid documents, statements, personal stamps, official papers, credit cards, cash cards, jewelry, gold, silver, other precious metals, diamonds and other precious jewelry, artifacts, art, rare collectables, badges, seals, other personal items)

2. Items with strong magnetic properties with potential hazard to nearby items
3. Items with a Flammable/poisonous hazard (Including but not limited to: oil, gasoline, gas tanks, matches, lighters, compressed gas, flammable liquid/solids, paint, fertilizer, explosives, drugs, gunpowder, poisonous items, items with radiation properties)
4. Perishables, frozen items, refrigerated items, fruits, plants(seeds and flowers), animals, items with liquid leakage, spoiled items
5. Carcasses, animal remains
6. Items with strong odor
7. Medical items, medicine
8. Trash and items with intent to dispose
9. Items breaking public safety laws (Marijuana and other dangerous drugs, guns, weapons, ammunition, and other items prohibited to carry under Japanese law)

Please note that shops have the right to refuse storage items of any kind that they see as unfit, dangerous or inappropriate that is not listed above. Laptops are not allowed to be stored if they are considered as valuables. 

Shops have the right to open and check the contents of your luggage should the shop believe a customer is carrying inappropriate items inside.  

Customers will be fully responsible for any trouble and loss that may arise from maliciously depositing the listed items above. ecbo inc. will not be held responsible for any trouble or damages caused from depositing the listed items in any way. 

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