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Selling on Etsy Tutorial
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IMPORTANT: If 1000s of app users all start putting the exact same catalog products on Etsy, the Etsy algorithm will see it as spam and duplicate products. They may remove the products or worse, ban your account.

We only recommend Selling "custom products" on etsy.

Additional Notes

  • Native Etsy Integration Via API is coming later in 2024


1) First Create a Custom Product

2) Once Approved your custom product will be published to your shopify store

3) Your custom product will show under "My products" in the app

4) Publish the custom product on your etsy store,

5) Setup "5-7 day processing" time. To make sure there is enough time for revisions

6) Make sales on Etsy

7) Message Customer on Etsy Chat to remind them to send a photo for the order.

8) Inside EA app, Click the 3 dots on "my products" and create a "manual order"

9) Enter The customers shipping details and email, so they can directly leave feedback on the revision page of the email.

10) when customer approves, the product will be printed and shipped.

11) copy the tracking from EA app, and update order inside etsy with tracking.


  1. Choose a product from the "Custom product Tab" inside the Ecomartists App

*Bonus: Learn to Sell Ecomartists with ANY Product from ANY POD APP

2 & 3. See Your Approved product on the "My Products page" inside the App

4. List your Custom product on Your Etsy Store

  • If you need help setting up an Etsy store, Youtube has a lot of easy and free tutorials.

  • There is a lot of settings and details when creating a listing on Etsy, This process will vary depending what type of product you plan on selling. So I recommend watching some etsy tutorials for best practices.

5. IMPORTANT: If you selling in the USA, and plan to offer revisions to your Etsy customers, you need to tell Etsy you have longer "Processing Times". I recommend Setting up your processing and shipping times to a minimum of 5-7 days, like this...

6 & 7. If the customer does not send you their photo on Etsy chat after they order, you will need to message the customer and remind them to Send the photo. Some customers need reminding every day for a few days.


8. Find your custom product on the "My products page" of the Ecomartists app, and click the 3 dots to create a manual order.

9. Enter all the customers Order information

9.5 IMPORTANT: if you want the customer to receive an email to directly review the drawing, remember to CHECK THE BOX to Send "DRAWING READY FOR REVIEW" email

10 & 11 Once Shipped Tracking will be on the "Orders page" Inside the app,

  • You will need to Manually copy and paste this number into your Etsy Account, and update the order inside Etsy.

Thats it!

Thats how to sell custom products on Etsy, using the Ecomartists App from A to Z.

*Native Etsy integration will come in late 2024.

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