1. What it our Investor Search Tool and how do I access it?

Our investor search tool contains information on over 8.200 hedge fund investors and is designed to help you discover institutional investors globally. We list 18 different types of investment companies, including funds of funds, family offices, endowments and consultants, amongst others.

To access the tool, navigate to 'Find Investors' in the drop-down menu under your username. 

2. Where do you get the data from?

We have a team working remotely and extracting data from all available public sources. The list is therefore growing on a monthly basis. The team also regularly verify all contact information to ensure everything is up to date.

3. How should I use it?

Let's say you are planning your next roadshow:

  • Use the Keyword search to filter by investor company name or simply use this field to input location. Further narrow your search results by adding an Investor type filter (for example, family office or funds of funds). 
  • Click on 'Contact Info' to see the details of a contact person at that firm, including a link to their LinkedIn profile and their email address. 
  • Use the interactive map to zoom in on a specific region and change over to results view using the toggle in the top right.
  • Don't spam investors with a generic email. Instead, look for shared connections on LinkedIn or send a few tailored emails to a handful of selected allocators. 

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