Fundportal is branded, password-protected online version of your Firm's Funds, where you can invite Clients and Prospects and give access to your funds' information. 

  • It is the one-stop tool for Hedge Fund Managers when it comes to the Business Development side of their Firm.
  • It is designed to change the way in which you share fund information with prospects and current investors. 
  • It helps you to attract new investors, convert prospects and engage your existing clients.

Benefits for your prospects & investors:

  • Transparency - Your (per-fund) performance data & documents, since inception, in one, secure place
  • Timely updates - Receive regular notifications of recent performance updates, research & thought pieces, purchase term/fee amendments and awards
  • Interactive factsheets & analysis - Access to a suite of analytics & risk/return metrics on one user-friendly interface.
  • A private area to login on your website

Benefits to you as a fund:

  • Security & compliance - Password-protected area with reduced risk of data leakage, 5 tiered document access levels depending on investor type and due diligence stage, ability to permission investors on a per-fund basis
  • Data-driven insights - Ability to see exactly who is engaging with your products, including how often they are logging in and which documents they are viewing
  • In-depth peer analysis - Know how you are doing and why you stand out
  • Full branding - Customise your profile and grow your brand
  • Embedded in your own website - picking up organic website visitors
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