The overhead menu has the following tabs:

If you’d like to add a single user, go to the Users tab on top and click the “Add User” button in the upper right corner. Next, you will need to fill out details about your new user. Once that is done, click the “Save User” button at the end of the form. You will now see the profile of the newly created user. You will be able to send an invite message to that user. To make the system more flexible, we don’t automatically send out messages anymore. You can send this new user a custom invitation email by clicking the “Invite them” link.  

It is also possible to easily add multiple new users:

To do so, download the user list in Excel format (“Download users” button). Add the users you want to this list and upload your updated version back to the FundPortal (“Add/Update Users” button).

Please note that the system no longer sends out automatic emails to the new users. You now have complete control over your client communication. To invite these new users you just added, filter your user table by the status “Not yet contacted” and message the users.

You can easily change user’s details (name, company name or access level to given fund). In the table view of users simply double-click on the item you wish to change and enter a new value.


Single User: Go to the “Users” tab  → Click the “Add user” button → Fill out the form → Save user → Review the saved details → Click “Email User” or link in the dialog box to send an invitation message to the new user →Watch the progress of your campaign

Multiple users: Go to the “Users” tab  → Click the “Download users” button → In the Excel file, add the users → Save file → Upload the updated file by clicking “Add/Update Users” → Filter your user table by the status “Not yet contacted” →  Send an invitation message →Watch the progress of your campaign

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