It’s easy to create a new campaign and share a document. Head on over to the Campaigns section, and click the “Create Campaign” button. Now on the left, you can select the recipients by picking them from the drop-down.

If the list you’re hoping to send to doesn’t exist yet, return to the Users section and create one! (Please find instructions in the previous use case.)

Once you created the new mailing list, choose the new mailing list and edit the rest of the form. If you wish to share a new document, you need to upload it to the chosen fund before creating the campaign. (Funds tab → Fund X → Documents tab → “Upload Document” button) Then, whether you share a document or a link to a page, simply choose the item from the dropdown list under Link. Click the “Launch Campaign” button to instantly send the campaign message.


Create a new mailing list  → Add (new) document to the fund → Go to the Campaigns tab → Click “Create campaign” → Choose the newly created Mailing List  → Choose a link or a document →  Fill out the rest of the form → Click “Launch Campaign”→ Check the report of the campaign

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