By nature, the exposures and the charts on your profile could be more static than the rest of the information - but that's not always the case.

It's quite possible that you will need to update some of the numbers, and this articles describes exactly how you can.

Step 1:
Go to 'Exposures and Holdings' tab.

Step 2:
Go to the chart you need to update, and click on the pen to top right of the box (the edit button)

Step 3:
When you are there, click on the Data present link, just below the 'upload amended data'. (If it's a new chart, then click on the Download Data template).

Step 4:
Open the file you just downloaded, update the data as needed, save the file. (make sure that you use exactly the same format!)

Step 5:
Click on the 'Upload Amended Data' and choose the file you just saved.

Step 6:
Make sure the privilege level and the date is according to your needs.

Step 7:
Click on the 'preview' button to get a feeling of how this will look like.

Step 8:
Click 'save'. You are finished!

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