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Where can I see the charge pass transactions?
Where can I see the charge pass transactions?

See an overview of all your charging sessions

Updated over a week ago

By using the EEVEE Mobility charge pass you will be able to see a list of transactions / charging sessions that were done. This overview will be provided in the EEVEE-app for EEVEE drivers, and in the EEVEE Business Platform for Fleet owners.

An overview of all public charging sessions

This list of transactions will be accessible via the EEVEE Mobility-app in the near future.

Keep in mind there could be a delay and the information will be shown as soon as this is retrieved from the Charge Point Operator (CPO), which in some cases could take a while.

If you do not see your transaction after 4 weeks, please let us know via the EEVEE-app by going to the Settings > Contact us so we can look into this.

The EEVEE charge pass is currently exclusive for EEVEE Business users who are connected to a fleet. If you are interested in our charge pass, you may always let us know so we can gather feedback about the interest in such charge pass.

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