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How to use the EEVEE charge pass with an existing home charger?
How to use the EEVEE charge pass with an existing home charger?

Learn how you can connect the EEVEE pass the an existing CPO platform.

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Existing charging station at home

Imagine that you have a charging station at home. This charging station might be your own charging station, the station from the lease company, from your employer or from the employer of another family member...
Basically you want to effortlessly charge your electric car on your charging station at home. In that case, it might be needed to use a charge pass to start the charging session of your car.
And what if the same charging station is used by multiple people, for multiple cars, in the same family?

Is it OK to use the EEVEE charge pass on your home charging station?

We can help you in any situation!


How can I use the EEVEE charge pass to charge at home?

Make sure that the EEVEE charge pass is whitelisted in the Charge Point Operator (CPO) platform to which your home charging station is connected. Whitelisting means that you can use the charge pass to start and stop the charging session without any financial transaction linked to it.

How can I whitelist the EEVEE charge in an existing CPO?

There might be 2 options: your own CPO platform, CPO platform from your employer.

  1. If have your own CPO platform, you can add the EEVEE charge pass by setting up the UID code in the CPO platform. After having the charge pass added to the CPO platform, you can configure it with a zero fee per charge session. To know the UID code from the charge pass, please contact us

  2. If your charging station is connected to a CPO platform from your partner's employer, you can share the UID code with that employer. They can contact the CPO partner to whitelist the charge pass.
    As a result you will be able to use the charge pass with the charging station at home, without having the risk that the charging session is incorrectly reimbursed or invoiced.

The EEVEE charge pass is currently exclusive for EEVEE Business users who are connected to a company fleet. If you are interested in our charge pass, you may always let us know so we can gather feedback about the interest in such charge pass.

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