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What makes the EEVEE charge pass better than any other?
What makes the EEVEE charge pass better than any other?
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Using the EEVEE Mobility Charge pass is a great choice if you are already using EEVEE business, compared to choosing for another charge pass.

  1. All charging costs on one invoice

    1. When using EEVEE Business you are being charged for every car and the home reimbursement costs. When adding a charge pass, the costs of this pass and the amount charged will be added to that invoice too so you have all charging costs of your employee at a single glance.

  2. With a network of around 350 000 compatible charging stations, the EEVEE Mobility charge pass offers one of the biggest network to be able to charge, so the driver does not need to worry a thing about this. Via the EEVEE-app the driver can find a suitable charging station to navigate to, and be able to see the price and availability beforehand.

  3. You get a complete overview of your fleet's charging costs at any location either, via the data of the car itself and via the charge pass transactions. Because of this you will be able to

    1. See all charging session at your work location

    2. Pay out home charging sessions to fleet drivers.

    3. See all charging sessions at public chargers

    4. See all charging session at your work location

  4. You can use the EEVEE charge pass with your home charging station.
    This option is needed when someone has a charging station at home that can only be activated by a charge pass swipe. And this works perfectly when the charging station is connected with a platform from another employer. In this case, our charge pass can be whitelisted in the Charge Point Operator (CPO) platform from the other employer.

The EEVEE charge pass is currently exclusive for EEVEE Business users who are connected to a company fleet. If you are interested in our charge pass, you may always let us know so we can gather feedback about the interest in such charge pass.

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