Attendance recording FAQs

Common questions from attendance recording and uploading scanned data.

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Below are some common issues and errors event managers will encounter when attempting to mark someone as attended.

What does "Eventsforce Server Error You do not have the rights to perform this operation" error message mean?”

Error (on-site app): "Eventsforce Server Error You do not have the rights to perform this operation."

Solution: This message will be shown if the API user role has not been set up correctly.

To check the set up of the API user role:

  1. Go to System Settings > Security > Roles

  2. Click to 'Edit' for your API role.  The role should have the 'API Resource: Attendees - Write' function 'active'.

  3. If inactive, select the function, use the 'Tools' dropdown and select "Activate..."

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Go back to Eventsforce On-site and mark an attendee as attended

The status for attendees is not updating. Why?

Error (on-site app): The status panel is not updating after I have marked attendees as attended.

Solution: Refresh the page. If the status has not updated, contact the Eventsforce support desk.

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