How to report on attendance recording data

Learn how to generate reports with the data from attendance recording.

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In order to report on who has attended your event, you must have already used one of the Different ways to record attendance.

Once people have been marked as "Attended", you can report on this information in a few different ways. Below are some options for exporting attendance recording data.

Using a search

A search is the most efficient way to view all attendees at once, including columns for which days they attended.

  1. Go to Report > Search

  2. Click "Edit" for 'Which type of people' 

  3. Select "Attendees", then click "Continue"

  4. Click to "Edit" the 'Display options' 

  5. Select to display "showAllAttendedDays" and/or "showAllAttendedSessions" (if you have been recording attendance to sessions in your event), then click "Continue"

  6. Click "Search"

Note: The "showAllAttendedDays" option will create a column per day of your event. The "showAllAttendedSessions" option will create a column per session per day of your event. If the person attended, a "Y" will be displayed, if they did not attend, no value will be displayed.

Using a report

When using a report, certain data sources will have the option to apply a filter for "Attended day", enabling you to filter your report to just those who attended a day of your event.

  1. Go to Reports > Reports

  2. Create a new report or edit an existing report

  3. Make sure to apply an "In event" filter to a specific event

  4. Select "Attended Day" as a filter option, click "Next"

  5. Choose "Equal to" or "In a list a values" (depending on your filter requirement)

  6. Select the day(s) to filter to, click "Next"

  7. Click "Next" until the report is complete

Tip: When using a search, you can filter to those who attended specific days using the "Who did attend on these days:  (from attendance recording)" filter.

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