Add a quiz

You can test your team members' knowledge through quiz questions.

Updated over a week ago

In addition to articles, you can also add quiz questions to a theme. If you activate a training for a specific theme, team members will need to answer these quiz questions.

Here's how you add a quiz question:

  1. At the top click on the 'Knowledge' > Handbook.

  2. Navigate to the theme you want to add a question to.

  3. Click on 'Create' and then select 'Create quiz'.

  4. Write down the question.

  5. Fill in the answer options. You can add more answer options by clicking the + next to the last answer option.

  6. Indicate the correct answer option by clicking the checkbox next to it.
    ⚠️ Let op: Only one correct answer is possible.

  7. Click on 'Apply'.

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