Automatic lock

To avoid that too many team members are unavailable at the same time, you can use the automatic lock feature.

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Do you want to put a limit on how many people are unavailable or do you want to make sure that not more than a certain amount of team members is unavailable? Then you can use the automatic lock.

What is the automatic lock?

What is the automatic lock?

With an automatic lock, you can configure the minimum number of team members you need per team, per day.

➡️ Example: If you indicate that you need at least seven out of ten team members on Saturday in the Kitchen team, no more than three team members can report they are unavailable on Saturday.

If a team member wants to report that they will be unavailable, the system will first check if it is allowed according to the automatic lock. If not, the team member will be notified that they can no longer report themselves unavailable.

⚠️ Note: Admins and Managers can overrule the automatic lock.

Set up the automatic lock

  1. Go to 'Planning' in the menu and click on 'Availability'.

  2. At the top right, check the 'Automatic lock'.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list with team members.

  4. Enter the values per team, per day.
    💡 Tip: Do you need the same amount of people every week? Then you can enter the default values once, which will then be reused every week. For this, click on 'Set default value'.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why don't I see an automatic lock on the availability page?

    ➡️ The default availability value of your team members is probably set to unavailable in the availability settings. You cannot use the automatic lock in this case.

  • Why can't a team member report themselves as unavailable while enough team members are still available in the team for that day?

    ➡️ This team member is probably part of several teams and does not fit into the availability lock of one of the teams.

    Example: Team member X is part of Team Kitchen and Team Dishwashing. He wants to report himself as unavailable on Saturday. In Team Kitchen at least 3 out of 4 team members must be available, and in Team Dishwashing 5 out of 6. In Team Kitchen 1 team member has already reported himself as unavailable, in Team Dishwashing no one has yet. Still the team member can no longer report himself as unavailable because all teams are taken into account.

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