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Type of shift

With Eitje you can create your own types of shift. Learn how to do it here.

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When creating a shift, you can choose a 'Type of shift'.

To create your own shift types, you go to 'Type of shift' > 'Manage shift types'. We have already given you a few examples to get you started.

In this window you can manage the different shift types.

  • Add type: Give your new shift type a name. For example, Supervisor. Then click 'Add'.

  • Emoji: You can add an emoji to each shift type. So you can easily recognise the type of shift in the schedule.

  • Extra options: Here you can choose to 'Show call button' (only works in the app). You can also hide the end time.

  • Active: If this button is on, you can select this type from the list when creating a shift. If it's not active, it won't appear in the list.

  • Delete: You can also easily delete a shift type by clicking the 'Delete' button.

Attention: these shift types are used for all locations in your organisation.

The shift type is displayed in the schedule with its name and the matching emoji if the show option 'Shift type' is enabled (you can check this under the 'Show' button in the top right corner). Now a shift will look something like this:

In the web version

In the app

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