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Write articles for your team members or assign skills thanks to the knowledge feature.

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You can do more in Eitje than make the schedule and keep track of worked hours. You also have the section 'Knowledge' that consists of the handbook and skills. Read a short overview of what these features can do below.


The handbook is where your team members can find all the necessary information about the business. The handbook consists of themes. You can add articles and quiz questions to these themes.

➡️ Examples of themes: Menus and price lists / Training for baristas / Manuals for cleaning the appliances

Per theme you can indicate which teams have access to it. For example, you create a theme about the new menu, and only make it available to those working on the service team.

The handbook is also very convenient to help with your team members' onboarding. You can create a training to automate the onboarding. Team members will then receive a new part of the training in their app at set times. They need to go through this material and by means of quizzes you can check if they absorbed the information well.


By using functions and skills you can easily see who possesses which skills. You can also use functions for the schedule by assigning them to team members and shifts.

What are functions and skills?

  • Skills: Skills are competences team members have.

  • Function: A function is a combination of skills. You can assign a function to a shift or to a team member. Every function has a letter and colour to easily recognise it on the schedule.
    ➡️ Example 1
    Function: Closing down
    Skills: Cash register / Clean up / Check refrigerator
    ➡️ Example 2
    Function: Bartender
    Skills: Make cocktails / Clean glassware / Turn espresso machine on

Would you like to learn more about the knowledge feature? Read more about it in these manuals.

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