In Model 3’s you need to push the lever on the right (gear shift) down twice while driving.

In Model S’ and X’s, you need to pull the car-to-car distance lever on the left side twice towards yourself.

You will hear a short jingle and see the icon of a car steering wheel turn blue and white after successfully enabling the autopilot.

To disable autopilot in Model 3’s, just push the same right lever up once, break or take over the steering wheel.

To do it in Model S’s and X’s, push the left lever back once, break or take over the steering wheel.

Please note that the vehicle will ask you to apply slight pressure to the steering wheel every once in a while to make sure that you’re paying attention to the road and are ready to take over at any moment.

Please take a look at the following videos before using Autopilot:

Autopilot – Tesla Model 3

Autopilot – Tesla Model S

Autopilot – Tesla Model X

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