Yes, when renting through our app. Please check the Pricing on our website or in the app directly to see the required deposit amount which depends on the vehicle model.

Deposits are taken to prevent issues with conformity.

No deposits are required or taken when pre-booking as you process payment for the requested booking/rental time immediately.

Deposits are only refunded if the payment for the rental was successful. If the payment for the rental failed, the deposit will not be refunded until successful payment has been received.

Please note that if there is any outstanding balance, fines or contractual penalties attached to your account, the amount will be deducted automatically. If it is not possible to deduct payments successfully from the provided payment method, the User will be sent three reminders to issue payment. Ignoring these warnings will result in contacting debt collectors, adding the User’s name to the public debt listing and/or solving relevant issues in court.

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