If the Vehicle breaks down, alert signals on the dashboard switch on, suspicious extraneous noises can be heard or any other circumstances arise that hinder the safe operation of the Vehicle, the User shall immediately stop using the Vehicle and notify the Beast in accordance (call the Beast Customer Support number that can be found inside the app) and act in accordance with the instructions of the Beast team.

In the event of theft or any damages to the Vehicle during a traffic accident or due to other circumstances, the User shall immediately notify the Beast in accordance and, if applicable, respective public authority (e.g. police, fire service), including fill in a traffic accident declaration and carry out all other actions necessary to prevent or reduce further damages to the Vehicle and/or third parties or property.

A failure to notify the Beast and, if necessary, the public authority in accordance with the previous sentence shall result in a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 1,500.

The amount of the insurance deductible (EUR 1,000) will also be applied additionally.

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