Parking is free in all public parking areas. In addition you can also park for free in the Tallinn central area/Kesklinn zone (this does not include the Südalinn and Vanalinn zones). Parking is also free in other bigger cities in Estonia, such as Pärnu and in the A & B central zones of Tartu.

→ If you’re planning to use public or central area parking lots that have a time limit, please be sure to mark the start time of your parking according to the instructions provided by the parking signs or area. Every Beast is also equipped with a manual parking clock.

→ While renting a Beast, you are obligated to pay for parking in private parking lots (Ühisteenused AS, EuroPark OÜ etc.) immediately before or after parking. If private parking is not paid for, we will request the amount of the parking fine and expect it to be paid for immediately to the bank account of Electric Beast OÜ.

If the parking penalties are not paid on time, a surcharge of 15 EUR will apply for each day of delay.

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