Project analytics are aggregate engagement data collected from all visits and visitors to your Project, regardless of which link was used. These valuable stats are available on any Engraffo Plus Project and provide immediate insight on engagement performance.

To access your Project analytics, simply click on the Stats tab on your Project page. There you will see an array of Project-based performance analytics over time, including statistics around visits, returns, exits, read times, and views by country.

For each metric, you can manipulate the calendar above the charting area to capture data from a specific date range. Furthermore, these same analytics are tracked and presented for each subsequent link that you create via the Tracked Links section.

How to access link-specific analytics

To access analytics specific to the additional links you have created, simply click on the Project Overview tab on your Project page and scroll down to the Link Statistics section (below Tracked Links). This will display data for each of your links so you can compare the performance of each according to the various metrics.

How to access asset-level analytics

To access analytics specific to your Project assets, simply click on the Project Preview button at the top of the Project page. Once your Project is open, click on the More Options (or overflow) menu in the top right corner of the screen, and select Toggle Performance. This will display a sidebar with real-time, asset-specific statistics.

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