Engraffo offers the unique ability of generating unlimited links to access the content hosted on your Project. Therefore, an Engraffo Project may have one or many associated links. Furthermore, those links can be associated with numerous project layouts when more than one asset exists.

To grab or copy a specific link within an Engraffo Project, simply scroll down to the Tracked Links section of your Project Page (on the Project Overview tab). Locate the link you wish to copy, then click on the the More Options (or overflow) menu and select Copy Link. This will copy the link to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can choose to Show Link and then copy directly from that field.

The other options available from this menu include Manage Link and Get QR Code. The Manage Link option will allow you to edit the details associated with that link or delete it altogether.

Choosing Get QR Code will display the QR Code specific to that link, which you can save to your device. Learn more below.

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