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How to Create an Activities Report
How to Create an Activities Report

Admins can run Reports for any Activity set up in Enrollsy

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You can easily run a report listing any type of Activity you use in Enrollsy, including Check In/Check Out, Room Transfer, and any custom Activities. To run a report for any Activity type, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Reports Page

Click Reports in the left sidebar, then Activities.

Step 2 - Choose Location

Choose the Location on the top right. NOTE: If you select "All Locations," you cannot filter by Program or Class. Also, each Location has it's own filters; in other words, filters will not "save" to another Location.

Step 3 - Choose Enrollment Period

Next, choose the Enrollment Period from the left side:

Step 4 - Filters

Use the Filter button in the top right to select any of the following filters you need to generate the report:

  • Select Timeline

    Select the Activity Timeline you want to view: Enrollee, Instructor, or Class

  • Activity/Activities

    Select the Activity(ies) from the dropdown list that you want to view. NOTE: If this field is blank, ALL activities will be selected.

  • Start & End Dates

    Select the start & end dates from the calendar icon.

  • Posted By

    Select who posted the Activity: Admin, Primary Account Holder, and/or Instructor.

  • Program

    Choose the Program(s) from the dropdown list (these will be the Programs under the specific Enrollment Period you chose in Step 3.

  • Class

    Choose the Class(es) from the dropdown list. These will be Classes within the Programs you chose. NOTE: If you don't choose any Programs, no Classes will be listed. You have to choose the Program first.

NOTE: The filters you last used will be preselected when the Activities Report is opened again, but you will need to open the filters drawer and click "Apply" to load the filter.

Step 5 - Filter by Enrollee

If you need to view a single Enrollee, you can use the Type to Filter field at the top of the page to enter the Enrollee's name.

Step 6 - Select Activities

Select the boxes beside the filtered Activities to export or print them. Click the top box to "select all."

Step 7 - Export or Print

Click the export icon to export the report to a spreadsheet, or click the print icon to either print out the report or save it as a PDF.

NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: If you try to print too much information, the system will time out. If this happens, try decreasing the date range or number of Activities in the report.

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