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Our most viewed Support Articles:

How Enrollsy works to keep your data secure


All the tips and tricks you need to implement Enrollsy


Find support articles for ensuring your Enrollsy account is set up properly

Enrollsy Account

Accessing your Enrollsy subscription account

Merchant Accounts

How to accept ACH (electronic-check) and/or credit and debit card payments

Support & Log In Assistance

Tools to assist when interacting with Enrollsy Support

Enroll Form

Learn how to customize your intake form and make use of all that's possible

Assigning & Moving Enrollees

Instructions on how admin users can re-assign or enroll enrollees

Forms & Documents

Learn how to use, send, and retrieve E-Signature, and Required Documents

Enrollment Periods

This is your "School Year" that contains all your Programs and Classes

Programs & Classes

Programs are the fundamental building block of Enrollsy; Classes are nested inside of Programs and are the placeholders for active enrollments


Information on the waitlist feature and how to use it

Enrollment Models

What enrollment models are and the different types used


This is where you set up all pricing for your Programs and Classes

Payment Plans

The different types of payment plans and how to use them

Billing & Transactions

Information about the tools, reports, and options related to billing and payments

Data & Reports

How your information is customized, stored, and retrieved

User Management

Resources to guide Admin Users in managing Users

Account Management

Everything you need to know about managing your Account Holders, Enrollees, and Enrollments

Customer Portal

All the resources you need as an Account Holder/Enrollee to use Enrollsy

Instructor Portal

All the resources you need as an Instructor or Staff to use Enrollsy


All about Enrollsy's communication channels for Admin, Instructors, and Customers


Create customized Enrollee, Instructor, or Classroom Activities that are visible on the Customer and/or Instructor App(s)

Gift Cards & Prepayments

How to purchase and use Gift Cards and Prepayments as an Admin User and as a Customer


Find out who started enrolling in a Program


Learn how Enrollsy's partnerships can extend the value of our platform


Connect discounts and other benefits to a membership

The Complete Financial Guide to Enrollsy

The stages, goals, and necessary information required for using Enrollsy's financial system